Goat named Big Boy broke into an Ohio home and took a nap in the bathroom.

Imagine coming home from school to find a large billy goat napping in your bathroom.  That happened to 18-year-old Logan Keathley in Sullivan Township Friday.

The Keathley family home security cam shows the goat wondering around the home around 10 AM.  Then Logan comes home at 2:33 PM to find the goat.  His reaction is hilarious.  Check it out below.  Warning: adult language. 

Law Enforcement was called and they had quite a difficult time getting their goat according to the NY Post,

Two Ashland County Sheriff’s deputies unsuccessfully tried to coax the goat, named Big Boy, out of the home with carrots, a dog bone, and grass. They eventually grabbed him by the horns and dragged him outside where they secured him in a dog cage.

Here's the kicker.  The family's home insurance covers damage caused by bears and deer but not goats.  I did not know insurance policies were that specific.  I better read my fine print before something ba-a-a-a-a-ad happens.

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