Can You Hear The Train Whistle In the Distance?

It may seem a tad early to start thinking about Christmas, but this is something you don't want to miss out on.

The Polar Express is gearing up for Christmas 2018 and you are invited to ride. Mlive announced that...

Tickets are on sale for the North Pole Express' 2018 season. Each excursion takes passengers on a Christmas adventure through time complete with hot cocoa, live entertainment, arts and crafts, and, of course, a face-to-face meeting with Santa Claus.

The North Pole Express has been running since 2004, but the train has been running in a child's dream since 1949 right here in Michigan. If you choose to hop on the train you will experience a true Michigan Christmas adventure.

The author of this beloved Christmas tale was born and raised in Grand Rapids Michigan. Chris Van Allsburg said that the idea for the book 'The Polar Express' was sparked when thought of a child hearing a train in the distance. reported that  Chris stated...

"He based the story on a mental image of a child wandering into the woods on a foggy night and wondering where a train was headed."

And believe it or not, the train that the movie is based around is real! At the premiere of the movie, Van Allsburg stated that Pere Marquette 1225, formerly owned by Michigan State University and now owned by the Steam Railroading Institute in Owosso, Michigan, was the inspiration for the storyline train.

Chris said when he was a kid he would play on the engine that was numbered 1225, which he claims to him 1225 meant 12/25, that's right Christmas. Now we can all see how the story falls into place.

Starting on November 16th and running through December 16th you can ride one of the 22 trips that place on the Pere Marquette 1225 Steam Locomotive.

Guests can choose between four different classes of tickets including Caboose, Cocoa, Coach Deluxe and Coach. Each class will offer a different type of service and ambiance to the passengers as the train races northbound.

Prices range from $1,500 for Caboose and $50 for Coach. You can purchase tickets at or call (989)-399-7589 and you might want to do it soon. In 2017 tickets were sold out by October.


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