If I were you I would be loading up on the Vitamin C, especially with the weather pattern we are about to face here in the Kalamazoo area. I should know. I spent half of my Christmas Day in bed with the chills and a fever. But there are also those of us who get super sick when the weather changes rapidly, and that's what's gonna happen this weekend.

The 10 day forecast itself doesn't look terrible. There are actually a lot of sunny days next week. But it's the jump, then drop in temperature that's gonna do us in. Friday's High is expected to be 52 degree F, then dropping down to 31 degrees F the very next day. This is ALWAYS the time of the year that gets me sick and I'm doing my best to stay healthy this winter. Here are some helpful tips to avoid getting sick.

  • Dress For The Weather
  • Take Lots of Airborne or Vitamin C Packets
  • Drink Lots Of Water (Half Your Weight In Ounces A Day)
  • Wash Your Hands Often

Good luck staying healthy.

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