If you haven't heard of this underground night club in Ann Arbor, MI it's probably because you're too young!

A secret weekly dance party in Michigan is gaining national attention for its unique concept: the party is for old people.

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In a recent New York Times piece, contributor Joe Bernstein wrote about how he and his wife accidently stumbled upon one of the liveliest dances parties in southeast Michigan--and most of the attendees were over age 65!

Bernstein says he and his wife were on a recent date night in Ann Arbor but were finding it difficult to make the most of their kid-free time. You know how it is! After a couple rounds of drinks and some dinner the couple was exhausted and were about ready to call it a night. That is, until they heard music booming from a club around the corner.

The 30-some year old pair decided to investigate and found themselves to be the youngest people in the club!

Geezer Happy Hour

The party's official name is Ann Arbor Happy Hour at LIVE, but everyone lovingly refers to it as "Geezer Happy Hour". According to Bernstein the weekly dance party dates all the way back to early 1970s. The couple couldn't believe their eyes!

At least 100 old folks [were] dancing like it was 1975. There were longhaired men sucking down bottles of beer, women in skintight dresses, couples flirting by the bar...

The club's bartenders say the old-timers event is noticeably different than their usual crowd, mainly because the old folks appear to have to most fun and love each other versus the younger crowd that is typically, "upset and barfing."

How to Join the Fun:

Geezer Happy Hour takes place every Friday night from September to May at the venue LIVE Ann Arbor. The party promptly starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends around 9 o'clock to ensure everyone gets to bed at a reasonable hour!

What If I'm Younger Than 65?

There's no steadfast rule that you need to be age 65+ to join the party. Just be aware of the situation you're walking into-- don't be a jerk! If you want to be loud and boisterous and go hard, then this is not the party for you. As long as you bring your good-time attitude the "Geezers" will welcome you in with open arms.

Do we have any similar events in Kalamazoo? If not, we should start our own Geezer Happy Hour right here in southwest Michigan!

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