There were two major announcements made at the "100 Years" celebration Saturday, One is the redevelopment of the 225 Parsons Street site into a major entertainment venue. The other announcement is just as significant; a global partnership to market these handcrafted guitars.

Heritage Guitar announced a new global sales and marketing partnership with BandLab Technologies, a Singapore-based company with global experience in
music retail and distribution.

CEO & Co-Founder of BandLab Technologies Meng Ru Kuok said:

“To me, 225 Parsons is one of the most significant establishments in the history of modern music. The world’s finest American-made musical instruments were, and continue to be built in this legendary factory. From the moment I saw the iconic smokestack and had a chance to see the Heritage craftsmen in action, I knew that this was something that deserved a wider audience. Heritage Guitar’s uncompromising approach to quality, as well as their commitment to their craft makes them stand out in the modern electric guitar marketplace. We are very excited to be a part of bringing Heritage into new markets and territories.”

MLIve reports that Heritage is hoping to increase it's output to six handcrafted guitars a day. While this may not sound like a lot, Heritage has a reputation in the music industry similar to a Rolls Royce or Tiffany's.





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