The Capri Drive-In is a staple of the Branch County community. Since it's opening in Coldwater in 1964, it has been a family-run operation and has been considered to be one of the best in the country. But just like all other small businesses affected by the Coronavirus situation, the Capri is falling on hard times, which is why a fundraiser has been started to help raise funds while there business has been closed.

Fox News recently ran a story on their "Fox & Friends Weekend" show, featuring the co-owner of the Capri, Susan Magcos explaining how  the drive-in seems very safe and that she doesn’t understand why she can’t go forward with her plans to start the 2020 season. Likewise, she asked the community to reach out to the governor, in the hopes that she could cut them some slack.

With worries building, a fundraiser has been started on a GoFundMe page in an effort to raise $2,000 for the company. In the fundraiser's description, they claim that JP Morgan Chase Institute says, "The average company with 500 employees has less than a month of cash on hand, and now these small businesses are facing severe economic hardship for the foreseeable future. Coronavirus relief for small businesses is critically needed."

As of right now they only have $300 raised between 7 people. They're asking the community to give what they can in this difficult time. The worry is that the 'stay at home order' will cripple their business when they feel they provide safe and fun entertainment that practices social distancing.

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