A few years back I thought I had heard it all when I learned of a brewery in the Metro Detroit area who would be using leftover paczkis to make a new beer. Baffin Brewing Company, which is located out of St. Clair Shores took 40 pounds of leftover paczkis and decided they wanted to turn it into a new beer. That sounds pretty extreme.

But as more breweries continue to open across the state, brewers are looking for new exciting ways to bring people in to try new and creative made beers. One new brewery in Battle Creek is doing just that with their new beer, " Two Can Mash," which is made using 15 pounds of Froot Loops cereal. Now to the not so average beer lover, that sounds really intriguing and something to have on your radar. But to the average beer drinker, don't be scared off just yet.

Chris McCleary, who is the creator of the beer and co-owner of the soon to be open Handmap Brewery in Battle Creek, told the Detroit Free Press that it isn't like you're just drinking liquid cereal:

The beer doesn't taste like you are eating a bowl of Froot Loops in a sense, but it does have a Froot Loop component to it if you smell the beer. It's paying respect. It's where we came from and I ate a ton of cereal as a kid. There was a box of cereal all over the house. Kellogg is right there, so it's even better. Hopefully they bring some folks over and try it.

Handmap brewery is doing a soft opening for their mug club members but are looking forward to opening as soon as possible to the public.

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