Have you ever wondered how people get into radio? When I was a kid I never really grasped the fact that these people I listened to all day were getting paid to entertain. Alas, here I am today getting to do what I love for a living. When I got into radio, one of the main things I wanted to start doing was my own podcast. After having my own Podcast, The Big Deal, for the past three years it's shown me how much time, planning, preporation and dedication it takes to pull one off.

But for those who are curious about radio and feel they may have something entertaining, important to contribute or just something fun for the radio world, a local company in the Detroit Metro area is going to give you the chance to jump into the world of radio to see if it's something you'd like to pursue.

Podcast Detroit, which began in 2013 by Bob Waltenspiel and David Phillips launched their own podcast, IT In The D,  without any prior listening, producing, or broadcasting experience out of a small Internet radio station in downtown Detroit, Michigan.
Over the course of two years and 100 episodes, The IT in the D Show has grown from 4 listeners a week to close to 300,000 weekly listeners and over 8M total listens. Now, Podcast Detroit wants you to follow in their footsteps with a new community event.

According to their official event page:

We’re going to do something to help grow podcasting, and we’re very excited about it. You may have heard of “Free Comic Book Day”… well, now we’re going to start “Free Podcast Day!"
On the first Saturday each month, we’re going to open up on our studios in Royal Oak, FREE of charge, so that people can experiment with our equipment. If podcasting is something you want to dive into further, we can talk!
Naturally, we have a few disclaimers:
You may record either a 30 or 60 minute show.
You may only participate in Free Podcast Day once per quarter.
All Free Podcast Day events are subject to change or cancellation solely at our discretion.

If you want to get signed up to participate you can go here.


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