It's always embarrassing when you post something and realize that after changing the sentence, that your sentence is totally jacked up. Or when you misspell something and the internet is ready to jump down your throat for being human. Grammatical errors are the worst when it comes to the printed press.; well... almost the worst.

Patricia Mooradian, president of The Henry Ford recently had to send out a massive email to all of the members of the Henry Ford Magazine apologizing for an offensive word that was overseen on one of the pages. At first, it was unsure of what was printed as there was no indication what the word was, only that it was printed on page 11. Now that the magazine has been received we now know that an F-bomb was printed on a comic used on the page as shown from the Detroit Free Press website:

VIA Detroit Free Press
VIA Detroit Free Press

The comic, which is titled "Reaching People On The Internet" was originally posted on and can be seen in the link (THIS COMIC CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE). The comic was displayed on an iPhone screen on the magazine page. Mooradian stated in the email:

I am very disappointed by this error and deeply regret any distress this may cause. This is not the standard of the publisher nor the standard of The Henry Ford. We pride ourselves on offering programming and content that is suitable for all ages. We are learning from this situation, and new systems and processes have already been put in place to avoid the possibility of future missteps.

Looks like this magazine is gonna be somewhat of a collector's item now.







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