A program that low-income people, veterans, and senior citizens use to access the Internet is set to expire in May.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) has been responsible for hooking up 23 million households in the U.S. with affordable internet access.  Just to put that in perspective, one in 6 U.S. households is currently taking advantage of ACP according to Whistleout.com,

Most of these households are low-income families, seniors, minorities, and veterans. If the program ends, surveys show that 77% of the people using the ACP will be forced to change their current internet plan or cancel their service entirely.

Access to the internet has become essential for work, education as well as healthcare and access to government services.  The problem is, that the more the internet is needed for basic life, the more expensive it has become. Which has become a major issue for veterans and senior citizens to have access to the assistance they need and deserve.  Not to mention, schoolwork, job searches, and working from home can't happen without the internet in 2024.  People who qualify for the ACP enjoy internet for just $30 a month.  But that may soon go away as the FCC may pull the plug on the program that is set to expire in May of 2024.

Affordable Connectivity Program ending in Michigan?
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With a whopping 887,332 households, Michigan has the 7th most people enrolled in the Affordable Connectivity Program.  Get more info on how to qualify for this program and what you should do now if you're at risk of losing internet by clicking here.

The Largest Number of ACP Households by State

  1. California: 2,803,599
  2. New York: 1,701,192
  3. Florida: 1,685,581
  4. Texas: 1,666,632
  5. Ohio: 1,141,482
  6. North Carolina: 889,073
  7. Michigan: 887,332
  8. Pennsylvania: 737,194
  9. Georgia: 699,446
  10. Illinois: 676,391


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