I cannot believe it...but here we are. It's the week of Christmas. For me, and I'm sure many others, it feels surreal. I've yet to finish my holiday shopping and if you're in that same boat, a local establishment is giving you an opportunity to grab some last minute gifts with a pop up market.

Food Dance, in Kalamazoo, is getting ready to close for the season. But, before they do they've announced a two day "pop-open" market this week, which they announced on their Facebook page. Tuesday (12/22) and Wednesday (12/23) from 12-7 on both days you can stop by to snag some last minute goodies. What can you expect to find?

  • Hand selected vinegars and olive oils
  • Handmade aprons
  • Holiday candy and toffees
  • Pies
  • Cakes
  • Artisan Breads
  • Granola
  • Meat and cheese boards
  • Wines
  • Jams
  • And more

Food Dance also said that after the market on Wednesday, they will remain closed until Spring of 2021. Considering these items are homemade, handcrafted, hand selected, and won't be around again until next year...I wouldn't just hope that your favorite treats will be readily available. Instead, you can pre-order here and simply pick up your items during the pop-up event.

Since I'm still new to Michigan (I'm going to be saying that for at least 6 months) I'm still getting used to the whole "places close for the season" thing. And with pandemic shutting down practically everything locally, I'm bummed that this will be one more place I'll have to wait to fully experience. But, I guess that's the point of the pop-up market, right? Grab it while you can!

While you may be trying to finish up your holiday shopping for others, don't forget to treat yourself to something too. After all, we've made it through a very hellish year and we deserve it. And that's the excuse I'll be using when I purchase a whole pecan pie for myself. 😂

If you're still panicking about last minute gifts, there are plenty of SW Michigan stores that will be open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Find the full list below

For all the details about the pop-up market from Food Dance you can check out their website or their Facebook event page.

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