Claressa Shields has already rewritten the history books in boxing, and now she's ready to make the jump to MMA.

Shields most recently became the first undisputed world champion in two different weight classes. The GWOAT started training for MMA when the boxing world was put on hold during the early days of the pandemic. No one was sure how serious Shields was about her MMA future until she announced her partnership with the PFL. Now the most decorated woman in boxing history has an official date for the start of her MMA career.

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Shields will be stepping into the MMA ring on June 10th, and the fight will be on both ESPN2 and ESPN+. Shields spoke to GMA this week about her debut, and you can see the entire video above.

If you have any doubt about Shields commitment to her MMA future, check out what she told GMA below.

I cannot wait to step into the PFL cage for the first time on June 10 and show the world that I never back down from a challenge. I have shown I am the best boxer in the world, and eventually I intend to do the same thing as a mixed martial artist

The MMA talk started when Shields had trouble finding anyone that would fight her, and the problem was only amplified by the pandemic. Most people thought that this was just a way for her to expand her already rigorous training sessions. Now we know that the GWOAT is more than serious about becoming a two sport champion.

I have no idea how hard it must be to transition from the boxing world to the MMA world, but I know that Shields is more than capable. After witnessing the greatness she has already achieved, I would never be against her.

I know that I'll be watching, along with the rest of Flint, when Shields makes her MMA debut on June 10th.

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