From a house fire to an exploding U-Haul truck at a block party, it was not a good 4th of July for fireworks in Ohio.

The first accident happened in a small town called Park Layne between Dayton and Springfield, Ohio.  A fireworks accident almost totally took down an entire home in Clark County around 7 P.M. on Sunday according to,

A man accidentally detonated fireworks inside a garage. Two people were inside the home at the time of the fire.

Luckily, everyone was able to get out of the home safely.  However, the man that lit the fireworks suffered minor burns to his face.

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The second incident happened in Toledo late Sunday night.  There were approximately 150 people gathered for a block party when the 4th of July celebration took an explosive turn.  It is unclear how the U-Haul truck full of fireworks was detonated.  But once it started poppin' off it got serious quick according to,

Four people were taken to the hospital for their injuries that police described as non-life-threatening. The U-Haul and nearby cars and homes were damaged.

There was a large amount of fireworks store both inside and outside of the U-Haul truck before the explosion.  The Toledo Fire Department quickly extinguished the blaze and soaked the undetonated fireworks to prevent further issues.  Arson specialists are on site investigating.

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