With all of the breweries and amazing places to eat in Kalamazoo it's a wonder I was able to lose so much weight these past two months. But alas, I made it. But the people at 24/7 Wall St. aren't concerned with the success of one man as they went on their search for the most obese county in every single state.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed county-level health data from the CDC to find the most obese county in every state and Kalamazoo...did not make the cut. Neither did Battle Creek. As it turns out it was Saginaw County, Michigan. Here is the result they got:

Saginaw County, Michigan
> Obesity rate: 38.9% (county) 31.5% (state)
> Adults who do not exercise: 23.1% (county) 24.4% (state)
> Adults with diabetes: 12.8% (county) 10.4% (state)
> Poverty rate: 17.9% (county) 15.0% (state)

As of 2016, Michigan ranks #10 as the most obese state. We made the Top 10. So we got that goin for us.



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