The countdown is on. Oberon Day is Monday. Here's what you need to know about about the annual release of Kalamazoo's most famous export since Kaopectate.I'm not really sure it's overstating it when referring to Oberon Day as a holiday. More than a few people are known to take the day off, to go to the midnight tappings, and to smile with the knowledge that the release of their favorite American Wheat Ale (and a slice of orange) means summer is right around the corner.

There are Oberon events virtually everywhere Oberon is distributed, which is increasingly, more and more of the country. It's a little more difficult to find news of local midnight tappings, but it's probably a good idea to check with your favorite watering hole, especially one's that have done it in the past. But if your place offers Bell's products, is a good bet they'll have Oberon on Monday at some point.

Yes, there will be Oberon doughnuts at Sweetwater's Donut Mill. In fact, this might be a good excuse to check out Sweetwater's newest location in Plainwell.

Here's something new for this year. Select Meijer stores have Oberon themed cookies. While they're not made with Oberon, they'll have a complimentary orange flavor.

Bell's Eccentric Cafe is set to open at 9am on Monday, with a free doughnut for the first 100 patrons. And in addition to Oberon, look for variants Uberon, Mango-Habanero Oberon, and Tequila barrel Mango-Habanero Oberon. Weather permitting, they're hoping to do some live music beginning at noon.


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