There seems to be a lot of people who are very unhappy with the long lines fast food restaurants draw, especially in Kalamazoo. Between Chick Fil A, Popeye's, and Panda Express, there can be some seriously ridiculous lines that form just to wait for their food. With some locations that rest in a strip mall, it's not that bad. But for places like the new Panda Express located off Westnedge, it has caused significant delays and backups along an entire stretch of the road they're located off of, causing serious traffic problems.

One Redditor wasn't so PG with his recent feelings and some people share his sentiment:

If anyone reading waits in line at Pop Eyes in the actual road... Kindly go **** yourself.

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This blatant expression of anger towards traffic was met with many people who feel the same way:

They need to ticket businesses who don’t manage traffic well. Look at Chick-Fil A. It never leaks onto the main road. Panda Express on the other hand has made my food delivery job a nightmare with all the traffic. I’m sitting on Westnedge right now with lights backed up into the intersection and I’m willing to bet it’s Panda Express that’s causing it.

It is true that a company doing business has no control to a degree how many people choose to block traffic just to eat there, as one person put the blame on drivers:

Any driver who does that needs to be cited, it's extremely dangerous. If I see it I wouldn't hesitate to call the non-emergency number, I've seen people almost get into accidents when traffic is flying by in the next lane and stopped in the right lane. It's not legal to sit in traffic waiting to enter a business parking lot, because you're actively obstructing moving traffic.

Who do you think the blame falls on?

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