Sometimes you hear about a plan so fool-proof you can hardly believe it never worked out from the beginning. Clearly, this isn't one of those plans. Detroit rapper Albert Hill (a.k.a. ShredGang Boogz), member of the Hip Hop Group "BandGang Crew" used stolen credit card info to wire money to himself, then used the money to purchase recording equipment and fund his tour according to Local 4 Detroit. Apparently, the only thing this gang slangs is internet videos, as they would brag about its' cash on social media, which is super smart.

Federal agents say these crimes often result in violence as this rapper had an incident in Portage during one of his shows where he was shot in the face. Rival gangs would shoot at one another to try to steal each others' money. There was also a case a year ago where a 5 year-old girl was shot in the head as a result of the cross-fire. The U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, Matthew Schneider sentenced Hill to 7 years in prison earlier this week. He went on to elaborate on the violence around these thefts:

The rival gangs will see that and they will become upset because they are not making enough money, and then there is crossfire. They're shooting at each other to capture each other's money. We're trying to send a message when you see that guy who is rich from unlawful activities, you are not going to be seeing him around for a very long time.

This will no doubt give him lots of time to write his next album.



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