There are many gatherings that are being planned for the Black Lives Matter movement this weekend and it seems that things will be underway this afternoon, as Kalamazoo high school students will be protesting against police brutality and the murder of George Floyd. The rally is expected to be peaceful, as all of the demonstrations have been in Kalamazoo from those participating.

The Youth PEACEFUL Protest FOR BLM event is scheduled for Noon on Friday, June 5th at Bronson Park. They are asking high school students and young adults to "join them at Bronson Park and walk through down town on the sidewalks.":

We will be wearing black and gray, but any neutral colors are acceptable. if you do choose to join this group of strong students please remember this is a peaceful protest, however we would like to be prepared for any complications. if something does break out, do NOT engage, stay calm and keep walking, violence only makes the protest lose meaning and gets people hurt. Masks will be required to walk with us. if you would like you can bring signs and chant the following with us.

They've also expressed the importance that this is and will remain a peaceful protest. Anyone who acts out or tries to provoke others will be asked to leave before being removed from the march. There have been peaceful protests in Kalamazoo that were met with resistance, intimidation, force, and even the use of weapons to disperse the crowd, so always stay aware and stay as safe as you can.

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