In life, there are a lot of things that test relationships. Some serious situations, like moving, financial troubles, and pandemics, can bring a couple closer together. But then we have situations like this...where you're tasked with the challenge of communicating and cooperating with your significant other to solve a puzzle in 60 minutes.

I'm talking, of course, about Escape Rooms.

For our Easter celebration, my significant other and I decided to put our relationship to the test at Escapology in Portage. Now, we've done escape rooms in the past often with family members or friends which did not always go to plan. My friends back in Florida had the capability of being loud in a general way. Combine that with the constant shouting about clues and what to do next...we never made it out within the 60 minute time frame. So what could possibly go wrong when I tackle this challenge with JUST my significant other?

How did it go?

It turns out, this was the perfect test to prove how well we actually work together. We chose to do the Lost City, an intermediate room where you explore an ancient temple in search of a long lost treasure. I won't go in depth about the details (I don't want to ruin the experience for anyone else) but I will say it was definitely a challenge. However, when he was stuck on a puzzle I was able to see a different angle to offer a solution and vice versa. We were able to work together to escape the room with time to spare and even made it on the leaderboard!

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While we still can't agree on what to watch as we endlessly browse Netflix, it's a relief to know that, when the situation calls for it, we can work together to solve anything. Or, at least a room full of puzzles.

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