Escape the holidays with a unique way to enjoy coffee.

With the holiday rush in full swing, you should take a second and experience something a bit different and differently "selfie worthy". In Grand Rapids we have a coffee joint that is surprisingly different. It is the Outside Coffee Company!  you can enjoy your coffee while sitting outside in an igloo!! I am not even joking! They are so new that they don't even have a web-site up, but according to their facebook page...

Outside Coffee Co is a camper-converted coffee shop parked in the community garden at Woosah Outfitters in Grand Rapids, MI. Hang in a hammock, relax in an adirondack, or plug in and get some work done at our community tables. Outlets and wifi provided. Vegan and dog friendly. Igloos are communal and first come first served, no reservations.

How extremely fun would it be to wrap up a day with a hardy brew and a great view of Christmas time in West Michigan?

Mike W. reported on a neat place. An outside coffee shop in Michigan couldn't survive into the winter..... Unless you have igloos and Christmas lights to spice it up. We love staying outside in the sub freezing temperatures, huddled in an igloo with a hot beverage. 

Katy C. made her feelings known as well on seeing tons of photos from Outside Coffee Co, I finally got a chance to stop by one morning to enjoy the serene vibes found in this garden oasis tucked away in the heart of the city. Pictures don't really do it justice, so I urge everyone to check it out. 

Amanda L. chimed in with her thoughts on With an enchanting garden and an adorable old school camper acting as a coffee shop tucked away in the corner of the park-like space, this outdoor bistro is a relaxing reprieve from the busy wealthy neighborhood. Serving basics like coffee, lattes and cold brew, they have a few other creative drink options, like my grandma banana latte (and no, it did not taste  heavily like banana, more like a latte with a creamy sweet flavor)

With my Mother coming for a visit between Christmas and New Years, I think this would be a great place to visit. Plus, it will remind us of my childhood home were we often sit on the back deck and enjoy a strong up of joe!

If you are looking for more great outdoor venues to enjoy the winter weather, here are a few more places that you can step into an igloo according to Mlive...

Bundle up and have some fun this winter season tucked away in an igloo!



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