As we are quickly approaching the holidays, I wanted to hear from the people of Kalamazoo to see what each of them want for Christmas. Strangely enough nobody replied,"Is my two front teeth." I'm a little disappointed. But either way these may serve as good gifts to get your loved ones. Here's what made the list:

Kim Meiser Frank To heal
Desiree Blair $2,000 so I can help get my mom in laws water back on and some Christmas presents for my niece and 3nephews otherwise I’m afraid they won’t get that much of a Christmas.
Vicky Leatherman To be the 13th caller!
Stacey Clark A maid and a personal chef
Daphne Hunt 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep  Or tacos ‍♀️
Thomas Burton To be happy again
Summer Marie Little To win the Mega Millions 
Robert Landes Jr To win either mega millions or power ball
Leah Petrick A new car
Corey Lobe A new pair of underwear! 
Mellisa Wisser I'm really tired of walking, grocery shopping in the winter is hard, so I'd say a car. Any car 
Jennifer Barner To have my bills caught up so I dont have to worry day to day
Johanna Hempel To have my bathroom and basement remodeled & paid by someone other than me 
Heather Sue Lynn Sugden To meet Heather McGregor 
Darcy Henning To never have to hear Mariah Carey sing Christmas songs again.
Leona Hoyt Win the lottery and help my kids and retire !
Cindy Teta My Neurologic disorder (post brain surgery) to heal and go away!
Kimmie Eaton cows and to be on the radio
Andrew PingeNo financial worries and spend more time with my family
Ivonne McGee A good nice handsome man
Janet Kowalke To not see Valentine's candy until 2019
Jennifer Holman-WelchMy daughter (she’s 15) said she wanted a DNA Ancestry kit, she wants to know where she came from. I told her she came from me and her daddy, she did not go for that logic.

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