Everyone's favorite day of the week is here - Dog Days! Katie Timber from the SPCA of SW Michigan stopped by for a visit bringing along a little visitor. Emphasis on little.

This tiny little baby is named Meemaw. She weighs maybe 3lbs and is about 14 years old. Katie joked that she's part hedgehog but honestly...I kind of see it. And look at those ears! I literally CAN'T. She's so cute.

Meemaw 1

Meemaw was nothing but absolutely chill. I mean I would be too if I were wrapped in a comfy sweater like that. She's up to date on her shots and is looking for her forever home.

If she sounds right for you, then contact the SPCA of SW Michigan here. Or if Meemaw isn't right for you but you are looking to adopt then make an appointment today, since they are required at the moment, to see which pet may be right for you.

If you're not in the position to adopt at the moment but want to help out there are plenty of ways to do so. Like donations.

Have some old towels in the closet you're looking to get rid of? Donate them to the SPCA! In fact there's a list of items they're constantly looking for:

  • Clumping kitty litter
  • Dog food wet/dry
  • Cat food wet/dry
  • Dish soap
  • Paper towels
  • Storage bins with lids
  • All purpose antibacterial cleaners

And so much more. Find the full list of needed items here.

Finally, if you find yourself in a situation where you need help providing for your animals, the SPCA of SW Michigan is there to help however they can with programs like Cold Noses Warm Hearts, Kibble Connection and more. They aim to help both outdoor animals with food and shelter or families who need help feeding their animals. Find all the information you need here.

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