Some one over at the D&W Fresh Market in Kalamazoo has some serious cookie game and I would love if they made us on some cookies. There is definitely an artist's special touch to these, as someone is doing portraits, characters, and animated icons and turning them into cookies. Over the past few months we've seen some stellar cookies be produced by an unknown baker and having them shared all over the place from Facebook to Reddit. Here are some of my favorites I've seen so far:

Omg! Such talent!!! from r/kzoo


Seen at D&W. Heheheheh. from r/kzoo

Then there are these classics:

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I for the life of me have no idea how to properly bake anything from scratch. No joke, one time I was making fresh homemade cookies from scratch for my sister in law and when they were finished they tasted like a wet dog smells. That'll give you an understanding of my baking expertise. But with someone designing cookies like this I'll just take a pass at the whole attempt. What other characters or designs have you seen?

Leave us picture in the comments of our Facebook post and in the mean time we'll try to figure out who the creative genius is behind these.

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