Sometimes you just really need some Chicken McNuggets so bad you end up in jail.  Am I right Ohio?

Have you ever been so hungry...let me reword that.  Have you ever been so hungry after a night of drinking lots of adult beverages that you had unbearable craving for a very specific food?  This 25-year-old Westlake, Ohio man was more than likely a victim of that very same craving.

It was about 1:30 in the morning last Monday when Westlake Police responded to a burglar alarm at a local McDonald's.  Timing is everything apparently.  Just as law enforcement arrived on the scene they saw the suspect exiting McDonald's through the front door.

The odd thing about this story is that appears the McDonald's at the West Bay Plaza may have been left unlocked that night.  The intoxicated man told officers that he was surprised that nobody was there to take his order according to

In the end, a McDonald's manager came to lock the store and the drunk man did not get any Chicken McNuggets.  He did however get charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct while intoxicated.

As far as crazy behavior while intoxicated, this guy is child's play compared to most of the stories out of Ohio.  You can check those articles out by clicking the button below.

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