Summertime in Michigan means being outdoors as much as possible to make up for all the indoor time we've had during the colder months. And one great way to spend a summer night is at a Michigan Drive-In theater. But it seems like finding one that's still open to the public can be tough to find. So how many are open for an unforgettable drive-in theater experience?


Drive-In Theaters That Are Still Operating In Michigan

Many Michigan residents remember piling into a car with family and friends to enjoy a night at the movies under the open sky. But with the rise of streaming services and multiplex cinemas, some Michigan drive-in theaters have had challenges remaining in business. Recently, two beloved drive-in theaters have had to close their gates for good. The 5 Mile Drive-In and its sister theater Sunset Drive-In have been shut down citing personal family issues. But, fortunately, there are still some drive-in theaters open for the family to enjoy.

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From classic double features to special events and themed nights, the drive-in draws crowds of all ages to step back in time and enjoy a night of entertainment in a one-of-a-kind setting. With its retro charm and unique experience, Michigan drive-in theaters offer something different than a traditional theater or a night at home. Pack the family in the car, grab your lawn chairs, some popcorn and drinks, and enjoy a movie under the stars. Check out the list of Michigan Drive-Ins below for an unforgettable movie night.

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9 Drive-In Movie Theaters Still Open In Michigan

These Michigan Drive-In Theaters are still open for an unforgettable movie experience.

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