We all know that this year is pretty crummy, and that most likely towns are going to start shutting down Trick-or-Treating because of the safety issues. But there are still so many things that can be done around Kalamazoo to really appreciate the fall season. We've basically been waiting for it all summer long since all of our events and concerts got cancelled. So I've devised a little list with tons of options available for you and your friends or family to take part in.

It's important to remember that even though big events have been shut down for the year, many places that are fun to go to in the Fall are open and need as much support through the season from us a s possible. Businesses expect to do a certain amount of people a year in sales to continue to grow and thrive. This year has already impacted so many small businesses in the Kalamazoo area to the point of having to close permanently. Tibbs brewing was the most recent victim of Covid-19, so let's try and help ourselves and others.

Whether it's picking apples, going on a search for the perfect pumpkin, doing fun Fall activities, or just enjoying this time of year, don't let the pandemic get in your way of having fun this year:

Fun Kalamazoo Fall 2020 Bucket List

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