This dog was determined to save this kitten.  It's adorable.

Chris was on his mountain bike heading down a trail in the woods with his dog Amaretto the other day in Licking County, Ohio.  This time, was a little different than normal as Amaretto insisted that his human get off the path and follow him through the woods.  In the GoPro video footage you can see Chris get off of his bike and try to keep up with his dog and find out what's going on.  The dog leads him to this adorable little kitten.  See the video below from the NBC 4.

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The Licking County Humane Society said,

This kitten was found stranded, likely dumped, in the middle of a remote wooded area with no houses, shelter, or other feline or human beings for miles.

Fuji, the abandoned kitten that is now named after Chris' mountain bike, is now resting safely at the animal shelter and will be available for adoption soon.

Videos of dogs saving cats have been popping up a lot lately on my social media feed.  One of my favorites is this video of a dog saving an abandoned cat and bringing it home in the rain.  I have no idea who took this original video or where this happened.  It's so dang cute I can't stand it.

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