Don't leave your dog in the car on a hot summer day...especially when you have outstanding warrants.

Whenever you see an unattended dog locked in what appears to be a hot vehicle, calling the police is the right thing to do.  That's what happened recently in Strongsville, Ohio according to,

On July 19, a concerned animal lover called the police after noticing a panting dog locked inside of a hot black Jeep Wrangler, which was parked in a Pearl Road parking lot.

An arriving officer ran the Jeep’s plates, which came back to an owner with a warrant from the Ohio State Patrol.

The unnamed driver of the Jeep was arrested for outstanding warrants.  Not for the dog in the car.  Why?  Well, it turns out the dog was left in a running vehicle with the air on.  The dog in the hot car thing was a false alarm.  Ooops.

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