Happy Dog Days! Or, for today, Cat Days!

This is Watson who is about four months old. While Watson looks a bit perturbed or a bit sad in these photos, he's actually a very playful and kind kitty. His signature move was reaching his arm out of the carrier as far as possible just so he could try and touch us.

If you missed it, you can see more of his behavior on the Facebook Live we did this morning:

Watson was adopted from the SPCA of SW Michigan but was returned because he was "too much", which is really heartbreaking. I will say this little dude has a lot of energy but, he's a KITTEN. That's part of the package.

From experience, if you keep a kitten busy with playtime, their craziness is easier to deal with because they're actually stimulated. Need some tips? Check out a few from WikiHow here.

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Watson is up to date on his shots, microchipped, fixed, and ready to find his perfect home. If you're wondering, he does great with other animals and kids, too. Contact the SPCA of SW Michigan or stop by during their normal business hours to see if Watson is right for you. Find all of their information here.

Keep in mind, the SPCA of SW Michigan, thanks to the community, occasionally hosts adoption events where the adoption fee is either partially or fully covered. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on any upcoming events.

Looking for a Job?

If you love animals and are looking for either a full-time or part-time job, good news! The SPCA of SW Michigan is hiring. See more below:

As well, they're always looking for volunteers and foster homes. Find information on both here.

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