Today, for Dog Days, we met the very lovable, very cuddly Marsha!

Marsha is a kitten still, about 10-12 weeks old, and is very active. She's also obsessed with getting pets from whoever is nearby. Katie, a true professional, was able to give us her whole story while Marsha was constantly "attacking" her hand demanding love:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Marsha is up to date on vaccines, seems to do well with both dogs and children, and is ready for her fur-ever home! If you think she might be the one for you, contact the SPCA of SW Michigan today to find out how to bring her home.

That's where you can also learn more about fostering, which is desperately needed right now, volunteering, and you can see all of the other animals that are currently available for adoption.

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What About That Disease That's Hurting Dogs?

Recently, you may have seen a few news stories about a "mysterious parvo-like" illness that's affecting and, in some tragic cases, killing dogs in northern Michigan. And, that's a scary thing to read. Especially, when you're a dog owner.

Some of the facts have been a bit skewed. It is parvo, which we see outbreaks of from time to time. Your dog should be vaccinated against it since it's part of the routine vaccinations performed by your vet. If you're concerned, Katie suggested contacting your vet to confirm when your dog's last parvo vaccine took place. If they're due, go ahead and schedule an appointment to get that updated.

For more information, read below:

If your pet is exhibiting any signs of illness, it's best to keep them away from other dogs and contact your vet immediately.

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