If you've been looking for an older dog with a lot of energy, this sweetheart is for you!

Today for Dog Days, we featured Kimball. Kimball is a 5 year old Beagle who still acts like a puppy. He was SO excited to see us, to see the room, to see the hallway, to see everything!

As far as what kind of home he would do well in Katie said, "any home!" He did well around her dogs and cats and, with that energy, he would be a great family dog too.

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Kimball is up to date on his shots and ready to be adopted today! If you have other pets keep in mind the SPCA of SW Michigan always recommends a meet and greet before moving forward with the adoption. As well, if you rent your home you must bring a copy of your lease.

Kimball is one of many dogs available for adoption right now at the SPCA of SW Michigan. You can see all animals available for adoption here.

TSM/Chelsea Rose
TSM/Chelsea Rose

The Parvo Update

For those worried about the parvo "outbreak" in Kalamazoo, rest assured that the SPCA has it under control. Tests were done, vaccines were administered and dogs that were thought to come in contact with a parvo positive dog will be tested again to ensure there are no lingering cases.

For all future information, I would recommend reaching out to the SPCA of SW Michigan to ensure that the information you're receiving is up to date.

Upcoming Events

This one is for the runners.

The 11th Annual 5k Doggie Dash is right around the corner on September 18th. Dogs are not required to participate in the event but are more than welcome to run or walk with you! Find out more information here.

And, as always, if you find yourself interested in volunteering at the SPCA of SW Michigan or would like to foster animals currently waiting for their forever homes give them a call! The SPCA of SW Michigan welcomes all the help they can get. Volunteering and fostering information can be found here.

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