This is Cojak, a 2-year-old cat who's currently up for adoption at the SPCA of SW Michigan. While cats being curious is a stereotype, Cojak lives up to it.

Even while he was being held (or carefully wrangled) he wasn't unhappy. He just wanted to explore the studio. Cojak is a medium-hair cat that will require brushing. But, it's clear he also has a lot of love to give.

He's a chatty cat with an almost regal vibe who loves to cuddle when he feels comfortable. He also gets along with other cats and kids, too. If you're ready to add this fluffy buddy to your family, contact the SPCA of SW Michigan today.

Cojak is far from the only animal currently available for adoption at the shelter. And, even more are expected now that it's Spring. That's why the SPCA is hosting a puppy/kitten shower.

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The Puppy/Kitten Shower

The shower is happening on April 15th from 11 to 3 and acts as a donation drive for the SPCA. Springtime brings lots of newborn kittens and puppies and the SPCA will be hard at work taking care of them.

With that in mind, they're looking for a few items like:

  • kitten/puppy formula
  • blankets
  • heating pads and thermometers
  • blue Dawn dish soap

And more. But, it's not all serious. The shower will feature games, cake, puppies, and kittens. What more could you need? Find more information on their Facebook page.

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