Welcome back for another edition of Dog Days! This week's guest? A beautiful Persian cat named Charlie.

Charlie, with his bright green eyes, was incredibly interested in exploring the studio as soon as he came out of his carrier. Unfortunately, with so many places for cats to hide, he was only allowed as far as the desk:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

According to Katie Timber of the SPCA of SW Michigan, Charlie get along very well with other cats, he did fine at her home with both dogs and cats, and overall is a very "chill dude". He's current on his vaccinations and ready for his forever home!

Now, it's not often that the SPCA sees "purebred" types of cats. Charlie does appear to be a Persian which is unusual in the shelters. If you're planning on adopting Charlie I want to make sure you're prepared since Persians tend to require a bit more care than your average domestic shorthair.

What to Expect with Persian Cats

According to PetMD, Persian cats are known for their very gentle disposition which would explain Charlie's "chill" attitude.

As well, they usually have longer coats which require a bit of maintenance. To make sure your Persian cat's coat remains knot free you should:

  • Make sure to use a brush long enough to get through their long fur
  • Perform daily brushing to avoid matting
  • Some Persian cat owners shave their bellies and back legs to avoid any sanitary issues in the litter box

Persian cats also may be prone to breathing issues since they have those adorable "smushed" faces. Read more about what to expect when owning a Persian cat here. 

If you're interested in adopting Charlie, or any other animal currently at the SPCA of SW Michigan, you can contact them here or stop by at 6955 W KL Ave in Kalamazoo. They're open Monday - Friday from 11am - 7pm and Saturdays from 11am - 4pm.

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