The thought of pets sitting in shelters waiting for their forever homes is enough to pull at the heartstrings. But, a puppy getting returned to the shelter at just 13 weeks old? That's just devastating!

This week, for Dog Days, we're talking about this tiny little baby, Arwin.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

Arwin is only 13 weeks old but has already been adopted and then returned to the SPCA of SW Michigan. Maybe those that adopted her didn't realize the work that goes into having a puppy. Maybe some unforeseen circumstance forced those who adopted her to return her...who knows?

The fact is, she's in need of a home now.

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According to Katie Timber, who joins us every week for Dog Days with a little dog or cat who needs a forever home, Arwin would do best in a home that will allow her to be sensitive and be herself. This means she would most likely do great in a home that's a little quieter and calmer than those with multiple animals or small children.

Via/ SPCA of SW Michigan
Via/ SPCA of SW Michigan

Arwin is very snuggly and absolutely precious. If you think you'd be a great forever home for Arwin here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If you do have other animals in the home, the SPCA always recommends a meet and greet prior to adoption. That way, the animals can be introduced on neutral ground.
  • If you rent, you'll need to bring a copy of your lease to prove that it's okay for you to have animals in your home.

And, if you're in a position where you can't commit to the needs of a puppy but are still looking to adopt an animal, you're in luck. The SPCA is currently packed full of animals that are in need of a forever home. Whether you're adopting or fostering, check out all of the animals in need here.

Every Thursday during Dog Days, we feature a different dog or cat that's currently at the SPCA of SW Michigan awaiting their forever home. But, that doesn't mean you have to wait! Stay up to date with all the news, events, programs, and animals at the SCPA of SW Michigan here.

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