This will be the most satisfying story of a dog biting a person that you will ever read about.

This story will bring a little bit of joy to the hearts of anyone who has ever lived in a neighborhood ruled by a homeowners' association.  Recently a man called the Brunswick Hill, Ohio Police after he was bit in the butt by a local dog.  Here's the thing.  The dog bit the man when he was trespassing into someone else's back yard.  And the reason why he was trespassing is the real kick in the pants.  The man entered someone's back yard without their permission or knowledge because he was 'investigating' a homeowner's association violation.

The homeowner's German Shepherd chased the man out of the backyard after biting him in the rear.  The owner of the dog had a valid reason why this happened according to the police report published on,

A man she had never seen before walked through her yard and startled her and her dog.

No charges were filed as this is considered a civil matter.  But the main question is, who is this guy?  Is he with the homeowner's association or just a narc neighbor?  Also, what rule was the homeowner suspected of violating that was so bad that you would have to trespass to see the violation?

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