A family was shocked to find a dog swimming alone in the middle of Lake Michigan last Friday.

Can you imagine boating deep into Lake Michigan and spotting a big red dog treading water nearly 4 miles off shore?  That's exactly what happened to the Wilcox family according to Wood TV 8,

Jeannie Wilcox says it happened Friday. Wilcox and her family were on a boating trip from Grand Haven to Frankfort. She says about eight hours into the 12 hour trip, she spotted something strange on the lake.

They were able to pull the dog out of the water and on to their boat.  After a 4 hour boat ride to Belmont, the very lucky dog had his microchip scanned.  They were able to connect with the owners and reunite the dog with his family.  You can watch that moment below in this Wood TV 8 story.

The dog's owners said they were on a sailboat when their dog fell in the water.  The family is very grateful to have their baby back.

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