Apparently, the tiny town of Hemlock, MI, is home to one of the best dive bars in the country.

What defines a dive bar? That was my first question when I tried to figure out how you would determine the "best" dive bar.

According to, which I would NOT recommend randomly exploring while at work, a dive bar is,

A well-worn, unglamorous bar, often serving a cheap, simple selection of drinks to a regular clientele.

With those qualifiers, how does one determine which bar is best? With Facebook votes, of course.

The Facebook page Dive Bar Roadtrip is dedicated to finding the #1 dive bar in America, according to their page's description. Recently, they compiled a list of dive bars in each state that, I'm assuming, were nominated by the clientele.

Those bars were then put to a vote in bracket fashion to match March Madness:

As you can see (I know the writing is a little small), Farmer's Home Tavern, in Hemlock, MI, made it to the final two. They were ultimately defeated by The Edge Eatery and Drinkatorium in Rapids City, IL.

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About Farmer's Home Tavern

Farmer's Home Tavern was established in 1886 and has been family owned for the past 41 years, according to their Facebook page. Scrolling through their photos, it looks like they have theme nights, classic bar games like darts, and some delicious-looking burgers:

If you're near the Hemlock area and are looking for a spot to grab a quick drink, check them out.

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