A small group of people threatened beat up a Cheesecake Factory manager and attempted to walk out on the bill.

This group of 10 angry customers racked up a $501.71 bill at the Cheesecake Factory in the Legacy Village shopping center in Lyndhurst, Ohio.  They did more than just try to dine and dash on their huge bill.  One member of the group threatened to beat up the manager by saying he would "crack his head," according to Cleveland19.com,

The group continued to be aggressive, even after the manager took $100 off the bill, according to the police report.  During the confrontation, a 59-year-old Richmond Heights woman threw a plate at a waitress, hitting her in the arm.

Breaking News: When you go to a restaurant, order food from the menu then eat it, it's customary to then pay for the food.  Actually, it's the law.  Here's an idea.  The 10 of you could just split the bill 10 ways, or each individual could just pay for what they ordered.  This is pretty simple stuff.

Let's give restaurant workers a break.  They deserve better.

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