An Ohio mother and her 3-year-old daughter has asked facebook for help finding this irreplaceable doll.

Jessica Osbourne of Lebanon, Ohio posted a picture of the missing doll on Facebook Tuesday saying,

The daddy doll is a military stuffed doll with my husbands military picture inside.

She is devastated. We use it often when he trains and she isn't able to see or speak to him. Please...if you see this doll...I would be grateful for its return.

Osburne spoke to about why the doll is so important,

Right now, her husband in Virginia for training with the Kentucky National Guard, and before he goes, she said her two oldest daughters always get their doll.

“I had gotten it out Friday morning just to kind of give them that prep talk, ‘dad’s not going to be around for a while, but he’s coming back,’ kind of thing," Osborne said.

Her facebook post has definitely touched many people around the nation as it has received 444 comments and over 6 thousand shares in less than 2 days.

In her facebook post she says the doll could be in the following places,

Larosas, Dairy Queen on Columbus Ave. and also in the neighborhood attached.
It could also be on route from 48➡️BunnellHill➡️FivePoints

If you find this doll or would like to show support you can comment on Jessica Osborne's facebook post by clicking here.

We wish your family the best of luck on finding that doll and thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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