The Tigers probably have their fingers crossed, but they certainly sound optimistic on their Twitter account. "We can’t wait to celebrate with 41,083 of our closest friends!"

New Covid restriction loosening rules have Comerica Park in Detroit back at full capacity beginning on June 1st. The timing of this versus the baseball schedule isn't ideal. The New York Yankees are at Comerica this Friday through Sunday, Memorial Day weekend, but those dates all fall before June 1. The Yankees are traditionally a good draw, they're in first place right now, and it would make for a good re-opening day.

I don't remember where I saw that idea, but the suggestion was to have Opening Day, Part Deux, with the relaxation of attendance and social distancing rules. One advantage to the idea is, unlike early April, you would guess and expect the weather to be more conducive to baseball than say snow flurries and temps in the 30's. (Though this is Michigan, so don't go assuming anything.)

There're a lot of details to work out in a short amount of time, so maybe anything as grand as an Opening Day might not be workable. First and foremost, two question beg for answers. 1. We'll be on the honor system, so would you feel safe to go to an event with that many people you don't know (or trust?) And the second question is: the first home games of June are against Seattle, not exactly the creme de la creme of the American League, though the Mariners are the team that Spencer Turnbull no-hit a few days ago. Memo to the Promotions department. "Can He Do It Again?"

Actually, maybe it's not a bad idea to head to Comerica this weekend with capacity limits. I've never gotten a foul ball. This could be my chance.

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