As technology has grown over the years, photography has become a growing interest for humans. Whether that be taking photos of landscapes, buildings, sporting events, and other events to taking pictures of inanimate objects, other people, or even themselves. As the art of taking pictures of oneself started to be used more often, there started to be tutorials, tools, and even filters to alter pictures, there was even a special name created for these kinds of photos.

The art of taking pictures of oneself has been dubbed "taking a selfie" and the photographs themselves are called selfies. There are all kinds of lighting and facial filters that can change the outcome of the picture or even just change the hue. There are also tools like selfies sticks and pop sockets that help you achieve the right grip and angle to take the perfect selfie. We have seen tons of selfie museums opening up around the country, places for young teens and adults to walk around and take selfies in different studio settings.

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The selfie museums have become a popular date spot, families have taken family photos in them, and even friends are going to capture memories together. Well, Detroit has taken the selfie museum game to a new level and has hit an untapped market. There's nothing like parents taking pictures, showing off, and bragging about their kids right, well Detroit is giving parents another opportunity to do so.

Kid Famous is a Kids Selfie Museum and Event Center located at 6511 N Wayne in Westland, Michigan. The event center that's right outside of Detroit will be open daily from 11 am to 9 pm and has a variety of amenities to offer including custom-designed backdrops, cakes, treats, t-shirts, apparel, invitations, menu selections, transportation opportunities (Limo/Party Bus), VIP appearances (costume or personality), and more.

Kid Famous is family-owned and gives all kids the opportunity to feel super special and boost their self-esteem and morale. The best part is, that you don't have to be a child to have a great time at Kid Famous. They currently have a 3-hour, all-inclusive, birthday party for 10 children for just $99.

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