Security video shows a man attempting to steal chips ending in a clerk shooting the wrong guy.

Well, technically the man shot was the wrong guy.  However, he was assisting the right guy.  According to Click On Detroit the injured man was holding the door open so the clerk couldn't lock the thief and his friend in the store,

Two men inside the gas station appear to argue with the clerk just before one of them walks out without paying for several bags of chips. The clerk then fires and strikes the man holding the door.

The incident took place Tuesday night at the Shell gas station on West Warren Avenue on Detroit's west side.  But this is not where this story begins.

The same guys were caught on camera in the same gas station stealing with friends on Sunday according to Click On Detroit,

The story began 48 hours earlier. Surveillance video from Sunday shows people who appear to be the same two men, but with three more people. The man who was shot Tuesday is seen shouting at the clerk in Sunday's video as he holds the door and several men walk out without paying for items.

It is clear that Sunday's incident lead to Tuesday Night's incident which resulted in one of the theft suspects being shot in the chest.  The suspect is in temporary serious condition.

Nobody has been charged in the robberies or shooting yet.

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