Former Yankees Shortstop and Captain, baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter is back in the headlines. Firstly, he has a docuseries coming out with ESPN titled "The Captain" that debuts on Monday, July 18th. He will be discussing life leading up to the MLB, his professional career, and now life post-baseball. It will also be available to stream on ESPN+, but one story got leaked early.

Jeter, like many other athletes and celebrities, had many rumors swirling around about himself or things he did. None of them were ever able to tarnish the beautiful legacy career he built for himself, but he didn't speak out on many of them either. He chose to take the "ignore it and it'll go away strategy" and for the most part it did, until recently he came forward to clear the air, and his name, of a rumor.

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Back during his playing days, an article was published stating that Derek would give gift bags to women after sending them home from a one-night stand. Allegedly, before he was married after a game or night in town, if Jeter were lucky enough to bring someone home, he would give them a bag of the autographed memorial as a thank you gift. The bags were said to have items such as game balls, pennants, small wooden baseball bats, and more. This rumor had years of running time, with answers finally coming this year.

A few years ago, Derek Jeter sat down with Joe Buck for an interview and everyone finally got the answers they were looking for. Not only did his wife never receive a gift bag, but neither did any other woman that spent any time with Jeter. He had a chance to dive into a lot more detail and give a much better answer on behalf of this question in his new docuseries, but in the meantime, we now know for sure that Derek Jeter was NOT giving his one-night stands gift bags on their way out of the door!

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