If an airline offered you $10,000 to give up your seat would you take it? Multiple people took that offer Monday morning in Grand Rapids.

Air travel can be super stressful for many reasons.  The most frustrating moments are those completely out of your control.  For example, the airline overbooking your flight.  I'm a pretty basic guy.  If your jet has 152 seats, you sell 152 seats.  Then you stop selling seats.  The airline won't go bankrupt if a couple of people cancel and you have a few empty seats.  The one thing airlines do correctly, in my opinion, is offer cash in exchange for voluntarily giving up your seat.  Sometimes they'll offer flight vouchers, which can be valuable.  But money talks.

Monday morning an overbooked flight from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis became a live auction of sorts.  At one point a Delta employee announced an offer of $5,000 for any passenger that would give up their seat.  No takers.  They eventually went up to $10,000.  People didn't exactly flock to the exit even for ten grand according to Todd's comment on the travel website EyeoftheFlyer.com,

Delta offered $10,000 to anyone willing to give up their seat. Actually, they said they needed more than one person willing to bump. There was no mad dash among the passengers, but several people did indeed get off the plane and received $10,000 via a Visa gift card.

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Not too long ago a woman was offered $4,000 to give up her seat according to EyeoftheFlyer.com.  How far up are the airlines willing to go before they simply stop overbooking flights?  Nobody knows.  However, if I'm on one of those flights I am taking that money.  How about you?

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