In the age where nearly everyone has a camera in their pocket, it's not surprising that little moments like this are often caught on camera.

On Tiktok, a user by the name of @emilygrunz recently captured a heartwarming moment in Ann Arbor. It appears to be two parents dancing for their baby. Take a look:

It's hard to make out what song was inspiring this impromptu dance performance but, you can hear the person recording say, "I love that." And, they're not alone.

With over 730,000 views, this video has now gone viral on Tiktok. And, with the world, at times, feeling like it's on fire, this precious moment seems to be a healthy dose of joy. A few of the comments read:

  • "Omg this is so wholesome," - Shudhita Singh 
  • "Vibing and thriving ," - Kdubbz
  • "If that ain’t the future for me I don’t want it," - Waterbabii

Several of the comments also made comparisons to Ross and Rachel from Friends. Specifically, the episode where they sing 'Baby Got Back' to their daughter, Emma:

While these dancing parents have yet to be identified, I hope they understand that this little moment with their child was just the heartwarming inspiration that everyone, at least the people on Tiktok, needed.

Can you recognize the parents in this video? If so, send them this article or, at least, the video so they know that they're now famous!

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