Full-time, part-time, seasonal work...whatever you're looking for there's a good chance, especially now, that you'll be able to find it.

However, if you're looking to work in retail specifically, this upcoming job fair may be of interest to you.

The Crossroads Mall in Portage will be hosting a holiday job fair on November 6th from 12 pm - 4 pm. According to their website, they have 150 positions to fill which include full-time, part-time, and seasonal work.

Stores will have tables set up in front of their stores with applications available. As well, they'll be conducting on-site interviews.

Some of the participating retailers include:

  • Macy's
  • J.C. Penney
  • Build-A-Bear
  • H&M

And many more. You can see the full list here.

Participants will also be entered to win a $250 Visa gift card.

Whether you're applying for a part-time retail job or trying to advance in your chosen career, there are a few tips from Indeed.com to help you make a great impression:

  1. Be passionate. Which, yes, might be challenging if you're applying for a part-time, temporary job but it'll help you land it nonetheless.
  2. Sell yourself! Bragging about your skills may feel uncomfortable but if there's ever a time to do it, it's at a job interview.
  3. Ask questions. Indeed.com says that asking specific questions about the challenges of the job and so on will show the interviewer that you're truly interested in the position.

Indeed goes on to say that to prepare for the interview make sure to dress appropriately, research the job, and come prepared with your resume.

Should you be venturing to Crossroads Mall in the hopes of landing a job, or are interviewing for your dream job in the near future, I wish you luck!

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