I love it when people ask questions like this on social media.

On Kalamazoo's Reddit page, u/KalamazooGuy269 asked the very vital question,

Hey Kalamazoo... Where do you set your thermostat? Now that we are facing some serious heat, I was just curious as to where you put your thermostat during these hot days, provided you have central air. Don't lie, tell the truth. Right now I set mine at 79 degrees.

Questions like this always seem to spark a wild debate because, how could it not? I'm a woman originally from Florida and even I gasped at the OP's admission of setting his A/C at 79. SEVENTY-NINE? There's no way.

With over 70 comments, let's see if we can narrow down the "ideal" temp to set your thermostat to this summer. Hopefully, those days with a heat index of 100+ degrees will be few and far between:


I’ve been switching between 78-80 all day. Trying not to run the bill up too high but also not gonna suffer lol. Also on the third floor so it gets warmer than usual - u/LilBaddee

I will say, as someone who lives on just the 2nd floor of an apartment complex, the fact that heat rises is very convenient in the winter. On the other end, it's a killer in the summer. But, still...78-80 degrees all day? You're a braver soul than I. Or, perhaps, more disciplined.

No air for me. It doesn't get hot enough anymore. I am loving this hot humid mess. It's these winters and the cold that kick me down. 180-year-old farm houses are some bs to heat and cool. It stays pretty cool with windows only open at night. My partner is pretty sure I am a demon. - u/AmazingPurpose1453

U/Sorcha1977 had the perfect response by simply writing, "Your partner is correct."

67 but it's at 50-55 all winter, I earned it. - u/blueboxbandit

I would point out that it seems we've slipped too far in the other direction but, if you're bundling up all winter inside your home to save on costs then, yes, you've absolutely earned it.

76. Just had brown out here - u/teaforreal

U/teaforreal brings up a valid concern with their comment. Before the recent heat wave in Michigan, where we saw a heat index of above 100 degrees, there were reports warning that Michigan's power grid could fail due to the demand for more power. Another report from upnorthlive.com states that these power grid concerns could last throughout the summer due to the rising temperatures. If that's true, more and more of us could be seeing "brownouts".

Jokes and clever Reddit comments aside, the ideal A/C temperature is, obviously, going to vary per person. However, if you're looking to avoid higher than normal bills this summer, DTE claims that 78 is indeed the ideal temperature to set your thermostat. They say it can save $180 a year. Of course, while I'm saving money, I'll also be looking like this:

If you're looking for even more tips and tricks to save energy (and money) this summer, Consumer's Energy has an entire page dedicated to that very subject which you can see here.

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