Since the pandemic that literally rocked and then stopped the world, employment and unemployment for that matter have been an up and down conundrum. From places laying people off to retain money during the lockdown to companies posting hundreds of job listings, to companies closing down because of a mix of the last two not working out, leaves us where we are now.

We are in a position to either watch our economy continue to fall and crumble under its own pressure or we may start to see more innovative ways to work and make money appear on the market. There are at least a few people and a few industries that have gotten ahead of the game. They have found a way to increase their production and revenue while also appealing to the workers. They started Veryable and now it's in Michigan, among other places in the country.

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What Is Veryable

Veryable is a mobile phone application and a website where there are job shifts available in certain fields of work. The kick about Veryable is that this is not only suitable for the business who now can relax on finding employment a little bit but favors the workers more than anyone else. The shifts that are available on Veryable are up to the worker's discretion, meaning as a worker you only accept the job shifts you want to work and decline the rest, giving them an opportunity to make their own schedules.

The shifts range from all times of the day, first, second, and third shifts are all available to choose from. The only stipulations are obviously you're travel, you know how far you can or are willing to travel for work, what times of the day you want to work, and then where you are currently. Some places will have more work than others and you may have to travel a little bit of distance to work and you may not work in the available fields. As of right now, Veryable is only available for those who work in manufacturing, logistics, and warehouse labor.

Veryable is servicing many neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the country, but most importantly, Michigan. They have a search bar for you to enter your zip code or city and you can find available job shifts near you. Some of the most expected and busier cities are Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Detroit, Traverse City, and a few others.

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