When I first moved to Kalamazoo, a kid came to my door asking to see my latest Consumers Energy bill. The reason he gave was because there was a recent surge in prices that may have accidentally affected me. I told him if there was a problem I would report it. It seemed strange that a kid who looked like he was in high school was coming around on behalf of the energy company asking to see information. Sending him away was the right choice, as kids are now doing the same thing again apparently.

A recent Reddit feed in Kalamazoo reveals what they're claiming and what the consequences of giving them your info are:

A couple of teenagers, couldn't have been out of high school, came to my apartment in Portage asking to see my gas bill. They said they were from Ardent Gas Company and that they are the "supplier" for Consumers energy. They said that they were trying to find if I had been over charged. This immediately seemed sketchy so I told them to leave. After a quick google search I found that they are taking people's account numbers off of their bills and changing their gas supplier without permission.

Consumers will most likely NEVER send anyone door to door without prior arrangements being made between you and the company. It would be wise to say you'll contact your provider yourself for information regarding the issue. It doesn't take a lot to print out an official looking badge and pass yourself off as part of a company. Be safe.

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