The cross that had been under debate about being removed because it resided on state grounds has been removed after a complaint was filed back in March. The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists filed the complaint against the cross that stood on Sackrider Hill in the Waterloo Recreation Area in Jackson for nearly 70 years, after they said he cross’s placement on public land amounted to an unconstitutional government endorsement of a religion.

BC Enquirer reported that the Department of Natural Resources voted to take it down. The DNR's deputy public information officer, John Pepin elaborated:

Basically, it came down to, there was a cross that we didn’t own that was on land that we did own. We worked with the people that owned the cross and they voted to support removing it to a permanent location.

Naysayers and supporters took to Facebook after the announcement was made to express their unhappiness/support with the decision:



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